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Stantec Located in Rancho Cordova

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Fontes assists Stantec in the engineering of clients new Telecommunications Closet placement and build out. Fontes engaged in the cabling of new cabling for the expanded offices of Stantec. Fontes to upgrade and expand clients Nortel MICS system to accommodate expansion and future growth.

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As the Telecom industry continues to change /evolve Business clients just can’t keep up with all the new services and hardware the industry has to offer.

In this being said, It has over whelmed the carriers customer service departments, in regards to finding out exactly what the client and or possible new client’s needs really are. This has led the industry into seeking the services of the telecom consultant to help assist these businesses. They have created incentives for the consultant in the hopes that this time consuming aspect of the process will be accomplished prior to a order being placed.

Which in turn makes the carriers more time efficient, leading to reduced costs (re: manpower) which then can be handed down to their clients. Allowing them to focus on creating better infrastructure and over all better service to the client.

Clients in turn benefit from this in regards to getting the circuits needed, the right hardware needed to work with these circuits, competitive pricing regarding services the carriers offer as well as the cost of the hardware needed. Client saves in regards to the time it takes to get something ordered as well as streamline the bills they receive there carrier on a monthly basis.

All resulting in a more stream lined process for both the client and the carrier.

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