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In the telecom industry, commercial clients need a company like Fontes Telecom Contracting, to assist them in their telecommunication needs. Telecommunication companies with years of experience can guide a client in the services needed from carriers as well as how to proceed in infrastructure build out of their location, which gives a solid foundation for whatever voice, data, and VOIP applications moving forward.

Your voice, data and VOIP solutions are a major part of your business. Cost should be considered, but functionality is paramount when it comes to calls in and out, internet, emails, data transfer and LAN or network activity.

There are always ways to verify that a communications company is the right company for your business.

  • Was the company recommended, in most cases this means they will give your business the service you deserve. This is usually easy to verify!
  • When using the web or other advertisement, ask for clients they are presently servicing and for how long.
  • If it is a contractor, verify that they are in good standing with that state’s contracting board and or Better Business Bureau.
  • Experienced vendors carry all the necessary insurance needed to both protect your business as well as theirs.

Years of experience leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to security and safety in your investment, guarantying your communications future. We at Fontes Telecom desire to be the best at giving your business the best experience in your telecom needs.

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