Carrier Assessment

Since 1983, Fontes Telecom has worked with clients to find ways to cut their telecommunications expenditures and determine the best possible voice communications system for their business needs, including VOIP, local and long distance service, toll-free services, call centers, voice mail, and more.

Our goal is to minimize your voice communications costs based upon usage patterns, current competitive market rates, contracts, and configurations to reduce your expenses as much as possible while maintaining or improving your service levels. We initiate audits with a thorough analysis of your current voice communications systems in every location and compile bills and usage data. We then evaluate your bill, identifying billing errors, circuit usage, and rates.

With the full picture before us, we assist you with contract negotiation, bill consolidation, and identification of alternative solutions. From there, Fontes Telecom helps you place orders, make vendor changes, and submit refund requests. As follow-up, we provide quarterly audits and ongoing monitoring and support.