Systems Analysis

With over twenty-nine years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Fontes Telecom has built up a solid foundation of expertise in state-of-the-art voice communications technologies from PBX’s to the latest in Voice Over IP.

Fontes Telecom will guide you through the maze of choices that are available to you today. We will lay out a plan to handle immediate issues with your current voice communications system, and build a road map that will take you to the next level, so that your organization is fully prepared to handle future growth and expansion.

Fontes Telecom is an unbiased consultant with no vested interests. We’ll provide an objective analysis of your options, help you make the right choices, and assist you in negotiating favorable pricing. Whether it’s designing your new PBX, VOIP system, video or video conferencing, helping you create a call center that delivers superior customer service, or analyzing your technology infrastructure needs for your present or next voice communications project while your busy staff focuses on their daily demands.