In the telecom industry, commercial clients need a company like Fontes Telecom Contracting, to assist them in their telecommunication needs. Telecommunication companies with years of experience can guide a client in the services needed from carriers as well as how to proceed in infrastructure build out of their location, which gives a solid foundation for whatever voice, data, and VOIP applications moving forward.

Your voice, data and VOIP solutions are a major part of your business. Cost should be considered, but functionality is paramount when it comes to calls in and out, internet, emails, data transfer and LAN or network activity.

There are always ways to verify that a communications company is the right company for your business.

  • Was the company recommended, in most cases this means they will give your business the service you deserve. This is usually easy to verify!
  • When using the web or other advertisement, ask for clients they are presently servicing and for how long.
  • If it is a contractor, verify that they are in good standing with that state’s contracting board and or Better Business Bureau.
  • Experienced vendors carry all the necessary insurance needed to both protect your business as well as theirs.

Years of experience leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to security and safety in your investment, guarantying your communications future. We at Fontes Telecom desire to be the best at giving your business the best experience in your telecom needs.

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Over the last decade a new technology called VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been introduced to the telecommunications industry. The purpose and design are to assist businesses moving towards telecommuting, which in the long run should relieve transportation costs as well as keeping expansion costs down. As in all new technologies the industry carriers as well as manufacturers have been working diligently in regards to keeping up with this new technology.

In the last couple of decades the telephone system manufacturers have been building digital systems that are dependable and have a long service life. This isn’t always so with onsite/housed VOIP systems. They are usually server based systems with some digital type operating systems. Meaning that these systems aren’t completely VOIP by design!

Some have performed well and, as always, some are lagging behind. There are many new manufacturers popping up and as we at Fontes Telecom have seen, here today gone tomorrow. This technology as we see it here at Fontes Telecom is here to stay and will someday be the main forms of communicating, both commercially as well as personally.

Our focus is to educate the consumer on some of the items to be considered when thinking of going to VOIP technology for commercial use. There are two options when deciding VOIP as your solution.

  1. Option 1 – The hosted VOIP solution.
    • Equipment investment would be more cost effective!
    • Your company wouldn’t have deal with the licensing and software items.
    • No warranty items when it comes to the server.
    • Upgrades and enhancements will be supplied by the VOIP system provider
    • Reduced calling costs, local and long distance
  2. Option 2 – The housed VOIP solution.
    • Higher investment costs as well as additional maintenance, software and licensing items.
    • Warranty item
    • Three to six year VOIP system life
    • Possibility of manufacturer not supporting system after short period of time


Additional item to consider when looking at the housed VOIP system.

  1. Life of system.
  2. How long has the manufacturer been in business
  3. Is the system user friendly
  4. Having a good consultant when thinking of VOIP solution
  5. Hosted system less IT costs
  6. Does hosted solution provider have redundancy in place
  7. Will also need additional carrier items, such as PRI, TI, local loops and or SIP from the carrier.

Fontes Telecom also recommends going with a proven manufacturer, such as Cisco, Avaya/ Nortel and or possibly Microsoft. Fontes Telecom would recommend going with either a true digital system and or a completely VOIP solution. We at Fontes Telecom strongly recommend going with a hosted VOIP solution.

If you and or your company have any questions, or are interested in finding out more about VOIP and how it can streamline your business, you may contact Fontes Telecom for more information.

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telecommunications closet image

Over the years the telecom closet has made many changes.

It has gone by many names.

  • MDF – main distribution frame room
  • IDF – independent frame room
  • MPOE – minimum point of entry
  • And of course the Phone closet.

The TC supports Voice applications, Data applications, Video equipment and, of course, Alarm hardware.

It is a very necessary room in regards to your communications now and into the future.

It should be determined in the engineering stage of your building design.

Where should it be located? Determine the size of the closet, verifying power requirements as well as environmental requirements.

In a lot cases this room is not available, for the building was designed to only cover the utilities from the street. This is called a utility closet. In the past, these rooms were used to house everything when it came to client’s communications. It housed numerous clients’ telecom hardware and infrastructure from the street. They also housed the janitor’s equipment and a lot of other items.

In this environment, it left client’s hardware vulnerable to theft, improper power requirements, and inefficient air flow and of course dust.

It is recommended that you work with a Telecom Consultant such as Fontes Telecom Consulting to ensure properly planning of your TC closet build out and that you have the proper location on where your TC closet should go. Make sure you get the industry specified power to the telecom closet and workstations.  Again, consult your Telecom Consultant. This will ensure that your IT/Telephone/Alarm techs can have easy access to your working hardware in addition to keeping your costs down.

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Fontes assists Stantec in the engineering of clients new Telecommunications Closet placement and build out. Fontes engaged in the cabling of new cabling for the expanded offices of Stantec. Fontes to upgrade and expand clients Nortel MICS system to accommodate expansion and future growth.

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