The Telecommunications Closet (TC)


telecommunications closet image

Over the years the telecom closet has made many changes.

It has gone by many names.

  • MDF – main distribution frame room
  • IDF – independent frame room
  • MPOE – minimum point of entry
  • And of course the Phone closet.

The TC supports Voice applications, Data applications, Video equipment and, of course, Alarm hardware.

It is a very necessary room in regards to your communications now and into the future.

It should be determined in the engineering stage of your building design.

Where should it be located? Determine the size of the closet, verifying power requirements as well as environmental requirements.

In a lot cases this room is not available, for the building was designed to only cover the utilities from the street. This is called a utility closet. In the past, these rooms were used to house everything when it came to client’s communications. It housed numerous clients’ telecom hardware and infrastructure from the street. They also housed the janitor’s equipment and a lot of other items.

In this environment, it left client’s hardware vulnerable to theft, improper power requirements, and inefficient air flow and of course dust.

It is recommended that you work with a Telecom Consultant such as Fontes Telecom Consulting to ensure properly planning of your TC closet build out and that you have the proper location on where your TC closet should go. Make sure you get the industry specified power to the telecom closet and workstations.  Again, consult your Telecom Consultant. This will ensure that your IT/Telephone/Alarm techs can have easy access to your working hardware in addition to keeping your costs down.

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